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Thoughts to Reflect Upon
"We come to love
not by finding a perfect person
but by learning to see
an imperfect person perfectly." ...Anonymous

"I existed from all eternity
and, behold, I am here;
and I shall exist
till the end of time,
for my being has no end."
---Kahlil Gibran


Weekly Affirmation

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Weekly Affirmation
  • I contain the Universal Perfection to be a winner
  • I expect good in my life this day because my mind is attuned to my infinite source of supply this day
  • In my Oneness with all that is through the power of my Higher mind, I attract all that I need for my abundance,and prosperity
  • Classes For Spiritual Development
    Classes are offered for spiritual development and awareness in a group or individual format.

    • What is Spirituality
    • What is the Soul's Role in Spirituality
    • How to Practice Spirituality
    • How to Use what you have learned to direct your life
    • How to create your own Affirmations and Self-Directions
    • Learn how to handle problems in a practical spiritual Manner

      Question about classes may be directed to Rev.Dyanna

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